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Rails, the last goodbye between two soulmates waiting for a train, is the debut single of Italian singer-songwriter Giorgio De Palo.
With this romantic cliché Giorgio represents his very own anxiety towards love linked to the passage of time. Rails is an expression of this insecurity and the loss of control through the metaphor of farewell.

Driven by the peacefulness arising from the seashore where he grew up, Giorgio De Palo discloses himself through his songs, fully embracing his feelings and thoughts.
Born in Rome, raised internationally and currently based in Berlin, he decided to pour himself into music striving to find his voice on small stages as a solo artist and his own sound in his bedroom.

In fact, the majority of the upcoming EP has been created in a small home studio, where time and economical pressure was inexistent in order to have the best possible environment for a free creative process.
His lyrics are often characterized by elements of nature, reflecting the mood of the songwriter and of the nostalgic days at the seaside.

In Rails, Giorgio tried to preserve the authenticity of an organic singer-songwriter sound while bringing in an indie-pop vibe. The combination of these two musical universes make this track unique amongst the four songs composing his upcoming EP “First Waves”, which will be released in the first months of 2019.