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First Waves

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Debut EP “First Waves” – soothing Italian vibes glowing up Berlin winter


On April 24th, Berlin-based Italian singer-songwriter Giorgio De Palo will release his first debut EP called “First Waves” .
After the first singles “Rails” and “Vivid Dream”, reaching over 60.000 Spotify views in few months only and featured on several blogs, all the songs are now ready to see the light.

In contrast with the uplifting vibes of the singles, the rest of the EP bring a deep and haunting atmosphere reminding of bands like Fink, Doves and Blanco White. First Waves embodies a mixture of feelings regarding the nostalgic and peaceful days at the seaside and tough moments experienced during the endless Berlin winters.

Born in Rome, raised internationally and currently based in the german capital, Giorgio decided to pour himself into music striving to find his voice on small stages as a solo artist and his own sound in his bedroom.
In fact, the majority of the EP has been created in his small home studio, where time and economical pressure were inexistent offering the ideal environment for a free creative process.

Even if the EP is not out yet, Giorgio is already back in studio, this time in the coastal city of Genoa, near to his greatest inspiration, the sea.

Previous Work

‘Rails’ is a sweet ditty that floods with passion and tenderness. It’s emotional and elegant all while surging bittersweet tones of romance and loss.” – Indie Buddie

“Like a gentle stream of calm, Giorgio De Palo’s single ‘Vivid Dream’ is a folk driven rock ballad, in heaven” – ComeHereFloyd