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Never Leave

After the release of his first EP “First Waves” reaching over 75.000 Spotify views it’s now time for a soft-rock chill summer track.

About Never Leave:

“Never Leave is a reminder to myself. Despite the up and downs of life it’s important to nurture your inner self in order to find stability, a place inside where you can always feel safe. Too many times we are overwhelmed by what’s happening around us and the society nowadays for sure doesn’t help, putting more pressure on us. Music usually helped me to access that place, making me feel completely present and aware. It’s from there ,while sitting cross-legged looking at the grey Berlin skies outside of the window, that Never Leave developed, from a stream of consciousness into a song.”

Born in Rome, raised internationally and currently based in the german capital, Giorgio decided to pour himself into music striving to find his voice on small stages as a solo artist and his own sound in his bedroom.
In fact, the majority of his songs have been created in his small home studio, where time and economical pressure were inexistent offering the ideal environment for a free creative process.

He is now working on his second EP, planned to be released in 2020.

Previous Work

‘Rails’ is a sweet ditty that floods with passion and tenderness. It’s emotional and elegant all while surging bittersweet tones of romance and loss.” – Indie Buddie

“Like a gentle stream of calm, Giorgio De Palo’s single ‘Vivid Dream’ is a folk driven rock ballad, in heaven” – ComeHereFloyd